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This is a book you will not put down once you start reading. It has so many twists, turns and surprises that you did not expect! by the time you finish it you will wonder were is part two. Great book for relaxing and letting go stress in the mind.

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I went thru an entire bottle of wine reading the first few chapters. This was one of the juiciest I've read in a long time and I mean that literally!!!


Pussy Chronicles/ Scorned


Eva runs one of the most prestigious sex clubs in Pittsburgh, along with her other friends. She would have never dreamt that it would have turned out quite like it did; chaos, drama and death. Some of the closest people she knew were going to take a turn for the worst. There were only two ways out of this mess. She was either going to pay for it with her life, or it was going to be a guaranteed prison. There was no way she was getting out on her own. Not even the judge that was helping her keep the Pussy Chronicles up and running was going to be able to get her out of this situation.

Pussy Chronicles 2/ Scorned- The Final Episode


Just when you thought the dust had settled, and their lives where getting back to normal. Out of nowhere the trickery had began again. What was happening to Pussy Chronicles? Who was going to be in charge? Why was Samantha always here? What really happened to Candace? Could Eva have put us in so deep that no one no longer wanted to be affiliated with us. How were we going to keep our establishment open and regain the respect that we once had. Samantha has some shit up her sleeve. Her deceptive demeanor has baffled us all. It is seemingly never ending. Chronicles of Deception would be more appropriate. The fire in their eyes was still there, the heat between their thighs had to be put out. We offered all that and more. See how it all turned around or did it...

Love &  Lust: Erotic Tales


I felt the temperature rising between my thighs. My heart rate sped up, my breathing came in fast and short. My thoughts were spinning inside my soul. My breast heaved up and down, my nipples became erect from the anticipation of what was about to take place within my mind. I felt the stirring of my thoughts about to erupt. I placed my hand on my delicate flower and took myself on an ultimate high. He begged me not to, I told him I had to.

Dive into some of the most erotic tales you will ever experience in your lifetime. Love & Lust Erotic Tales will have you creaming for more.

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