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She started writing at the tender age of 13. Her unique style caught the attention of some very influential people who brought her here today. She has written the Scorned duet (formerly titled The Pussy Chronicles 1 & 2) along with her other titles , Love and Lust Erotic Tales, and A Different Kind Of Love Story, to which  she co-wrote with twelve other authors for an awesome charity, Feeding America.  You should know she is always thinking of her readers when she sits down and starts writing a visual. She wants to pull her fans into her world . She wants you to be able to feel what she is saying. Not only will you see it,  you will breathe it. You will want to consume every word that falls from the pages. You will be shocked and surprised that this 5’4 small stature of a beautiful women could bring you so much heat. You don’t have to take my word for it, you can see it all for yourselves. She hails by way of Pittsburgh PA, she read everything she could get her hands on. Her teachers loved her so much that they would ask her how she was able to just come up with tales out of thin air the way that she did. Her response would be I listen to what my mind tells me and I let it speak for itself. I follow no rules when it comes from me knowing the pen. And with that ability she can creatively write for readers of all races, nationalities and cultures. So go ahead and be captivated through her words. When she is not writing she is taking long walks on somebody’s trail or park. When she is not doing that she is dancing. What she loves more than anything is being with her family from vacationing or just curled up on the couch watching movies. Family time means everything to her. You will have another favorite author once you read what she has for. you.

Porscha  is an award winning author.